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Hi ..a little bit about my swimming journey.
My child hood years were spent in Sri Lanka where learning to swim came before learning to walk.
The ‘learning to swim ‘actually came after finding huge pleasure and fun just being in the water.
Later on after my children were born in the UK, I trained to become a swimming Teacher and set up my own school..h2go-swim which has now been running for 20 years. The ethos being on enjoying water first.
After the tsunami in 2004 I returned to Sri Lanka to teach women survivors to become teachers themselves so they could pass vital survival techniques to their children and communities.
On returning to the UK I became more aware of the number of children here who were unable to swim for different reasons and thought that if I could combine a self-rescue technique with a feeling of confidence in the water, then not only would children have a better swimming experience but they would also have a chance of survival.
Flip and Float was started in 2010.

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Hi I started swimming instructing for H2go swim school in 2010 and have been working with sue on the development of Flip & Float.

I have always loved swimming however my swimming experience at school wasn’t good that’s why I’m committed to encourage & support children and adults learning to swim.I hopefully make lessons safe fun and constructive.

I am a PADDI scuba diver and have had the opportunity to dive in Bermuda, Egypt and the canary Islands
H2go Swimschool
STA qualified


I am a qualified ASA level 2 swimming instructor and became fully qualified in December 2010. I first became interested in swimming teaching when I took my own children to mother and baby classes, but have always had swimming in my background having learnt to swim at the age of seven and then progressing to club.

It is so important for all children to learn to swim as it is a life saving skill and it doesn’t matter how long it takes as all children are so different. All that is required is patience and understanding of that child’s particular needs whilst helping them reach the best they can, which I hope I give in my lessons.